Acts of Kindness: Send a Thank You to a Service Member

We wanted to come up with an act of kindness that would help support the troops in some way.  Our Daisy girl scout troop was doing an upcycling art project and we decided to combine the two ideas and make a thank you note for our service members.

Acts of Kindness for Kids--Send a thank you to a service member!

After the meeting my kids made even more cards and I have packed them all up to send to A Million Thanks who will deliver the cards to our service members in time for the 4th of July!

Daisy Scout Project--Send letters to service members!

The deadline for this year’s 4th of July delivery is June 1, 2013, but if you miss it don’t worry!  They deliver cards year round for many of the major holidays.

Act of Kindness: Send a card to the troops!

You can’t send anything edible or use glitter and they encourage you to include a note with any drawings.

Cards for the Troops An Act of Kindness for Kids

Update! A Million Thanks is no longer sending cards and letters to service members. Try Operation Gratitude instead!

Check their website for full details and send a card to a service member!  It’s a great kindness act for both kids and adults!

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  1. […]  8. Salute the Troops. Independence Day wouldn’t be Independence Day without all the men and women serving our country. Thank a veteran, send a homemade card to troops down range, or  show your support at your local recruiting office. Trust me when I say it gets us every time. I still have every letter from every boy scout, elementary school and church group I ever received. Megan has all the details on where you can send your letters to the troops.  […]

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