And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street Dr. Seuss Craft

We are on a Seuss kick this week!  And the countdown is on to his birthday on Friday and the opening of The Lorax!  Today we had some friends over and had some fun with Dr. Seuss’ And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street [Random House, 1967].

We read the story and used paint and paper towel rolls to create Imagination Spy Scopes.  In the story Marco imagines all sorts of crazy sights as he walks home from school.

 When our Imagination Spy Scopes were dry we took them outside to see what kind of exciting things we could imagine were on our street.

They “saw” many spectacular sights such as candy people, a sleeping snake, dragons and animals that had escaped from the zoo!

How have you used books to activate imaginations and inspire pretend play?

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      It has more of a plot line than some of his easy readers and definitely encourages imagination – not that many little ones need help it that area! And you can never go wrong with spy scopes!

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      I hadn’t planned on rbteecaling Dr Seuss’ birthday. Somehow, I woke up very early this morning (by 7- we aren’t usually early risers). I am going to look for our Cat in the Hat hat & bow tie & gloves, and let the kids dress up. Make green eggs & ham for breakfast. Then take the kids in to Michaels for the free craft. This is just the boost I needed this morning; thanks! : ) (I was thinking when I woke up, since I have no where to go, why should I even change out of my pajamas?)


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