Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas!

Yee haw!  A cowgirl party is so much fun and can be easy to do.  Most of the details you’ll see in our party were put together just days before the party.  Well, except for booking the horses, those were set as soon as we had a party date — they are a very important part of the party!  We had 2 horses come to the first hour of the party to ensure the kids would get plenty of rides and the kids had a blast!

We had two different play areas set up to occupy the guests while they were waiting to ride — the Craftin’ Corral and Rodeo Tricks!

In the Rodeo Tricks section they could blow bubbles, jump rope, hula hoop, and twirl batons.  At the Craftin’ Corral they could make horse themed door hangers and decorate wooden horses.

We also had a photo area with lots of cool props for the girls to use to dress up with and get their photos taken.  I love photos with an oversized frame!  We gathered all props from our indoor dress-up box and Halloween bin and made the frame by cutting and nailing together leftover pieces of floor molding and spray painting it pink.  I added in the chalkboard with her age and wrote the 6 with a chalk pen, I highly recommend chalk pens for photos — the writing looks so much crisper.

   As you can see the girls loved dressing up for photos!  An easy party activity using stuff you already have around your house — what could be better than that?

After the riding was done all the little cowgirls gathered in the backyard for a “campfire” lunch from the chuck wagon!  I didn’t get a better picture, but we made a chuck wagon out of PVC pipe and a 6 foot table.  We constructed a tent-like frame out of 1/2 inch PVC pipe and connectors.  We then put brown fabric on the table, set the frame on top, and covered the frame in white muslin.

After they got their cowgirl food — hot dogs, trail mix, veggies and “ranch” dip (get it?) and macaroni salad — the cowgirls ate around the “campfire”.  Our campfire consisted of wood logs with tissue paper flames.  I set up hay bales in a circle around the campfire for them to sit on, but they were too itchy so the girls used them as a table. Another fun party detail was our pink lemonade jar drink.  I had seen cool Mason jar tops with orange slice designs online, but they were not in our budget.  We decided to make our own version by punching a hole in the lid and using skinny straws.

After lunch it was time to dance at our cowgirl hoedown!  We strung poms above the deck and played fun country and group line dances and boogied down!

  After lots of dancing it was time for cake!  The birthday girl loved her dessert table — especially the rope initial we made for her.  After the party we even hung the H in her room!

We kept the desserts super simple and ordered a pull-apart cupcake cake and horseshoe cupcakes from SuperTarget.  I made ridiculously easy smores pops by dipping marshmallows in dark chocolate and graham cracker crumbs.

Then it was time to send all the little cowgirls home with their pink cowgirl hats and these adorable Cowgirl Cookie favors from the awesome Bakerella!  They looked so pretty in the jars and were so yummy that you should make them even if you’re not having a cowgirl party.  Bakerella makes it so easy for you with step by step instructions and even a free printable!

If you are planning a cowgirl or western themed party and want to make your own rope letter or number be sure to read:

How to Make Your Own Rope Letter

And you like the photos in this post head on over to the Best part photography and book her for your next party if you’re in the Tampa area!


  1. says

    Actually i have not heard about the cowboy birthday party ideas. It’s really different theme, in nest month i am going to celebrate my son’s birthday then want to organize a cowboy themed birthday party.

  2. says

    Hi Megan,
    You are so creative and gifted. This looks like such a wonderful party! You definitely have inspired me to do something fun for my daughter’s next birthday party! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mindy says

    Faith has decided to have a cowgirl bday party this year. So, I google for ideas, and there you are! I did not know about your blog, and it is great! Marcy wasn’t kidding when she said I needed to talk to the “pro” :)

  4. Andrea says

    Megan! You are so creative!! Love your ideas and can’t wait to use them :) Where did you make Hannah’s invitations??


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