Dr. Seuss Pizzas!

On Friday, AKA Dr. Seuss’s bday, we surprised the kids by taking them to see The Lorax after school!  Woo hoo!  They were super excited and we all loved it.  I even cried at the end.  Definitely a must-see!

Anyway, on the way home the kids came up with the idea of making a Dr. Seuss pizza for dinner like we did last year.  But they couldn’t agree on which Dr. Seuss character to make…so they decided everyone should make their own!

It was tons of fun.  And led to the most creative dinner making I have ever seen.  I highly recommend trying this with some of your favorite book characters.  They came up with pizza details I never would have such, as Sally’s banana pepper bow and spinach hair.  I loved watching pizza creation process and was amazed by how much thought and trial and error went into each pizza.  Not to mention that this project was also delicious.  This just may be the book report of the future!

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