Green Eggs and Ham Dr. Seuss Activities

We are still counting down the days until Dr. Seuss’ birthday with lots of fun Dr. Seuss books and activities!  The last couple of days we have been reading and playing with Green Eggs and Ham and have all been walking around the house quoting Sam-I-am!

Green Eggs and Ham Dr. Seuss Games and Activities

My kids love book extension activities that are simple and can be done again and again so the Green Eggs and Ham games I came up with were a big hit!  We played a Green Egg Relay game and made some Green Egg Word Chunk Spinners.

Green Eggs and Ham Relay Game

My preschoolers worked on developing their motor skills during the Green Egg Relay game.  I filled a plastic Easter egg with rice and the kids practiced carrying it across the room on a soup spoon.  When they got to the person on the other side they had to transfer it from their spoon to the other spoon.

Green Eggs and Ham Word Chunk Game

Then we turned some of the rhyming words in the story into a word chunk game!  I wrote some of the word chunks that my 4 year old is practicing on the bottom of the plastic egg and consonants on the top half.  He could then spin the egg parts around to form and read new words.  These are great for entertaining kids in the car too!

I have really enjoyed looking through all of the Dr. Seuss Virtual Book Club for Kids posts that have been linked up so far and found some really cool Green Eggs and Ham ones.

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