Handwriting Practice for Kids: Big Rainbow Writing

We are always looking for ways to make handwriting practice fun!  We’ve tried writing in the dirt and gone on many find and write letter scavenger hunts and were looking for even more fun ways to practice.

My preschooler loves to write letters on the chalkboard so I thought she might enjoy some big rainbow writing!

Fun Handwriting Practice for Kids...BIG Rainbow Writing!

What is Rainbow Writing?

Rainbow writing is fun way to practice handwriting.  Kids trace a letter or number multiple times with different colors.  It helps to make handwriting practice less boring!

We decided to take rainbow writing to the next level by making it BIG and it was so much fun!

Make Handwriting Practice Fun for Kids with BIG Rainbow Writing!

Writing on a vertical surface helps to switch things up for kids and helps them to develop the strength they need for handwriting.  It’s also a good for getting their bodies in the position that it needs to be while writing.

Making big letters is a great way to really understand the lines and curves that make up each letter and is lots of fun!  We used window markers to write on our bathroom mirror, but you could also write on your windows or easel or even tape a piece of large paper to the wall.

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    • Coffee Cups and Crayons says

      You can use washable, dry erase, or window markers. The washable and window markers actually need to be cleaned off the mirror and the dry erase ones can just be wiped off each time. The window markers are the ones you see in that photo and show up brighter than the other kinds. :)

    • Elizabeth Graham says

      I have a big mirror I took out of the bathroom when I put in a cabinet…I’m going to have to get a frame put on it for the great nephews when they come over!


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