Celery Science Experiment for Kids

Celery Transpiration Experiment for Kids!

I love easy experiments that make science cool! This rainbow colored celery experiment is simple to set up and really makes transpiration come alive for kids. Celery Science Experiment celery (the leafy parts show the color the best) jars water food coloring We have been doing a lot of rainbow activities lately so we made […]

Measuring Leprechaun Pots Math Activity

Measuring Leprechaun Pots Math Activity!

I am so excited to have Malia from Playdough to Plato here today with a fun math activity for you!  ‘Tis the season for rainbows, shamrocks and pots of gold so I was excited to pull together a fun, St. Patrick’s Day math activity for my four year old. Measuring Leprechaun Pots gives kids plenty […]

Fun Rainbow Food For Kids


Rainbow activities are everywhere right now! An easy way to add to the rainbow fun is with colorful rainbow snacks.  I’ve added a list of rainbow foods that are kid-friendly, look super yummy, and quite pretty!  Inviting your kids into the kitchen to help whip up a batch of rainbow waffles or rainbow fruit kabobs […]

5 Ways to Make St. Patrick’s Day Fun for Kids

5 Ways to Make St. Patrick's Day FUN for Kids!

My husband and I love St. Patrick’s Day and are always looking for ways to make it fun for our kids! It’s the silly ideas that make everyone smile that become great family traditions and memories down the road. Leprechaun Fun for Kids: 1.  Make your own leprechaun trap to try and catch a leprechaun! […]

Rainbow Jell-O in a Jar Recipe

Rainbow Jell-O Jars

Rainbow Jell-O Jars are a fun way to brighten anyone’s day! They are the perfect treat for St. Patrick’s Day, birthdays, holidays, rainy days, and sunny days—you can’t go wrong with anything rainbow colored. Rainbow Jell-O Recipe Ingredients: 6 small boxes of Jell-O in rainbow colors 2 cups of sour cream or Greek yogurt Boiling […]

Leprechaun Mischief!


When we woke up this morning we saw that we were visited by leprechauns last night!  Everything was out of place and there were gold coins everywhere.  But, we did not catch one in our trap!  He was very tricky and somehow managed to turn the pile of gold coins we left into green ones! […]

Making a Leprechaun Trap


We made a leprechaun trap today!  I first heard of the idea from friends and thought it sounded great — creative, fun, St. Patrick’s Day themed — but my husband was skeptical, “You are going to ask the kids if they want to build something to trap a leprechaun in?  Doesn’t that seem mean?  And a […]