Lorax Themed Food

Last Friday we had plans to take the kids to see The Lorax when my daughter got home from kindergarten.  To make the time pass a little quicker for the little ones at home we had a Lorax themed lunch of quesadillas and veggies.  The Lorax’s mustache is cheddar and his eyes are made out of ranch dip and carrot slices.  Our truffula trees were carrot sticks with hummus tops and broccoli florets.

We loved the movie!  And were feeling very inspired when we left the theater.  The kids decided to have a make your Seuss pizza family night and this was the Lorax pizza they came up with.  (The mushroom and olive eyes are definitely a little creepier than the ranch and carrot ones!)

Then for dessert I threw together our own version of the truffula tree cupcakes that have been all over the web.  Instead of actually baking I just stuck “Cottontails” (cotton candy) from the dollar store on pretzel sticks and put them on mini-cupcakes from the grocery store.  Very light and tasty!  And easy as can be.  If you want to make some yourself definitely do a search to see all the cool ones that are out there!


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