How to Make Kindess Cootie Catchers

It’s week three of the 100 acts of kindness project and we are focusing on kindness toward friends!

I thought it would be fun to make kindness cootie catchers (or fortune tellers) for the kids to play with their friends.

Make a Cootie Catcher Filled with Kindness Ideas!

This activity was really fun because the kids had never played with a cootie catcher or fortune teller before!  I showed them how to make one and then we brainstormed different acts of kindness ideas we could put under the flaps.

Fun Kindness Activity for Friends Make a Acts of Kindness Paper Fortune Teller

Kindness Acts for Friends:

  • Give your friend a compliment
  • Tell a joke
  • Give high fives
  • Share a toy
  • Sing a song
  • Let your friends go first

There are tons of different ideas that you can write under the flaps depending on your kids ages and where you are playing with your cootie catchers.  I think it’s always good to ask for their ideas first before giving any of your own–you may be surprised at what they come up with!

Once you show the kids how to fold them they will be making cootie catchers non-stop.  In case you forget how to make them we made a quick little video to show you how!

This week’s kindness toward community challenge is to is perform 5 SECRET acts of kindness to friends. Don’t get caught and don’t spill the beans!

Community Acts of Kindness Ideas:

Kristina and I are so excited to have some inspiring bloggers join us in sharing acts of kindness ideas for the 100 Acts of Kindness Project!


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    I never really got into cootie catchers when I was in school. I saw the other girls making them but it was always about boys and I was old enough to know that stuff was dumb at our young age. Fast forward a generation and I want to make Dr. Seuss cootie catchers with my girls, BUT…I had never learned how. There were instructions. There was confusion and then there was YouTube. Saved the day. My 7 year old is now a cootie catcher expert. I love the kindness idea. I’ll have to suggest that next time she grabs a piece of paper.
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