Letter Tracing with Cars

Letter Tracing Practice with Toy Cars is So Much Fun! A Great Way to Practice Letter Strokes.

Learning the proper strokes for handwriting formation can take time, but is very important. Once a bad habit is acquired it can be hard to correct. If you ask a kindergarten teacher how many times they remind kids to start at the top when writing I bet the answer would be a very high number! […]

Window Painting Handwriting Practice

Paint Letters on a Window for FUN Handwriting Practice! Link to window paint recipe in the post.

One easy way to make handwriting practice fun is to make it big! Painting big letters with window paint on the windows is a great way to get kids excited about working on letter formation. The only thing I needed to prep for this activity was to mix up some window paint and put something […]

Water Painting Handwriting Practice

Water Painting Writing Practice for Kids!

Letter and number handwriting practice doesn’t just have to take place at a table–there are so many ways to make it fun!  The weather is nice so we went outside to water paint chalk letters. Big Letter Writing Practice  chalk bucket or bowl with water paintbrush I am a fan of sidewalk chalk activities because […]

Handwriting Practice for Kids: Big Rainbow Writing

Fun Handwriting Practice for Kids...BIG Rainbow Writing!

We are always looking for ways to make handwriting practice fun!  We’ve tried writing in the dirt and gone on many find and write letter scavenger hunts and were looking for even more fun ways to practice. My preschooler loves to write letters on the chalkboard so I thought she might enjoy some big rainbow writing! What is […]

Find and Write Letter Scavenger Hunt

Find and Write Letter Hunt Preschool Activity!

We are always looking for fun handwriting activities! Writing letters and words over and over again can get boring so we decided to turn letter writing into a move and learn activity. How to Play: letter cards paper clipboard or washi tape crayon, pencil, etc. My preschooler went all around the house finding letters and […]

Handwriting Practice with Dirt and Sticks

Handwriting Practice for Kids--Writing in dirt!

Handwriting is a skill we need to practice in our house this year.  My kindergartner gets bored practicing writing on paper so we like to mix it up.  One of his favorite ways to practice is writing in dirt! He used a stick to write with–so if you have dirt and sticks in your backyard […]

Busy Bag Swap Ideas for Kids

Fun Ideas for a Busy Bag Swap!

A couple weeks ago I invited some friends to kick off the summer with a busy bag swap!  What better way to get ready for summer travel than to stock up on new activities?  If you’ve never heard that term before a busy bag is a self-contained activity or project for kids.  For this swap […]