Fizzy Dinosaur Egg Fossils

This summer we had lots of fun doing summer camp at home with a neighbor family.  The other mom and I took turns hosting all of the kids for a day of activity themed fun and we all had a blast!  I planned camping themed activities for the first camp day at my house and decided dinosaurs would be perfect for the second.

One of the coolest things we did was dissolve dinosaur egg fossils.  We started by reading the book Dinosaur Eggs by Susan H. Gray.  The book explains how dinosaur egg fossils were formed and how scientists get to what is inside the eggs.  We learned that scientists can use acid to dissolve the fossilized egg to uncover the baby dinosaur bones inside.

The night before camp I made dinosaur egg fossils using a method I found at BellaOnline.  I followed her general directions, tweaking it a little bit to make 6 dino eggs.

Fizzy Dinosaur Egg Fossils:

  • 2 cups of powdered lemonade mix
  • 4 cups of baking soda
  • bottle of face astringent
  • spray bottle
  • miniature dinosaurs

Mix together 1 cup of lemonade mix and 2 cups of baking soda.  Then lightly spray the mixture with the astringent.  Don’t get it too wet or it will start to dissolve now, just wet it enough so that you can pack it together.

Then grab a handful and place it in the bottom of a small bowl and place a dino on top.  Add more mixture on top and shape into an egg.  This amount will make about 3 eggs.  Once it’s done start over with the remaining ingredients.

During camp we read Dinosaur Eggs and then went into the kitchen to reenact the process.  Everyone added a small cup of “acid” (warm water) to their egg and observed what happened.

The egg fossils slowly dissolved until the baby dinosaur was revealed!

This activity was a fantastic way for the kids to learn about fossils…and have fun being scientists!

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    Ooh my goodness. Oooh my goodness. This is amazing. Awesome. Brilliant. We are soooo doing this!!! We are total fossil nuts over here!!!! I love this!

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      It was very cool! Especially since they saw the scientists do the same thing in the book–they felt super cool. Afterward my 6 year old said that they should have worn my husband’s lab jackets while they did it and I agreed that would definitely make it more official!

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      I hope you find it because they really do go hand in hand! Although my 4 year old explained I should have out baby dinosaur bones in instead of the toy dino, but I had already used up all the dino skulls I had in the other fossils. The funny conversations you end up having when playing with dinosaurs!

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      It was one of those that actually turned out cooler than what I had envisioned so I definitely recommend it! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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    I love this idea and I’m keen to try it with my class …. I live in New Zealand and have never heard of powdered lemonade – is there something else that is similiar or an online shop you can suggest I can buy it from?
    Thanks so much


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