Fun Sight Word Practice: Ghost Zappers

Making sight word practice fun makes it more effective!  The more sight words new readers know automatically the better they can comprehend the text they are reading.  Since Halloween is coming we decided to practice with a little sight word ghost zapping!

Sight Word Practice Be a Ghost Zapper!

The premise of the game is similar to our Fire Hose Fact Practice Game, where the kids read and squirted the chalk sight words.

Sight Word Game for Kids--Ghost Zapping!

I used white sidewalk chalk to draw ghosts on our driveway with sight words on them.

Who ya gonna call? Sight Word Ghost Zappers!

He read the words to me and then “zapped” them with the water squirter!

This one was lots of fun and easy to play over and over again!  All I had to do was rewrite another word in the middle of the ghosts and we could keep playing.  You can put letters, numbers, math facts, or anything you want in the middle of the ghosts depending on what your child needs to practice.

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