Kid Drawn Pet Portraits

We finally joined in the fun at Kids Get Arty and I cannot believe we have waited this long!  The artist we chose to study is Brooke Churchill who does these crazy cool pet portraits in a style she calls her Signature Mosaic Technique.  If you’ve never seen any of her work you have to go and check out her website–the whimsical details in her work are simply amazing!

We spent a lot of time looking at the different pet portraits she has on her site and were completely captivated.  Each of the kids immediately knew which pet they were going to draw, but my 6 year old wanted to practice before doing her final portrait.  She kept going back to her drawings in her free time and I was reminded of a post I read on Red Ted Art about layers in art work. I was definitely impressed with her patience and commitment to this project.

My 2 year old’s portrait of our dog Maddie.  She, too, spent days on her work and is so proud of her final creation.  She really enjoyed filling the space with different colors and patterns and added on to her original drawing of Maddie’s face and neck.

My 4 year old did a portrait of his “pet” giraffe, Giraffee.  He sleeps with Giraffee every night and did not have to think for a second about whose portrait he was going to draw.  His drawing was completed the most quickly, in about 3 sessions.  It was also interesting to see how decisive he was with his color and pattern choices–it was almost as if this portrait has been in his head for awhile.

 And here is my 6 year old’s pet portrait.  She also drew our dog Maddie.  She was the only one to use colored pencils and was really able to capture the detail and whimsy of Brooke Churchill’s style.  She spent over a week on her portrait and did not finish until she was totally satisfied.

To say that I adore all of their portraits is a huge understatement.  I love them.  I can’t wait to frame them.  I can stare at them forever looking at all the details.  I cannot believe that we almost passed up this experience since we were so busy this month.  It was enriching in every way.  I am so thankful to Red Ted Art for the Kids Get Arty series and will definitely, absolutely be participating in future months.  And you should too.  Whether or not you have a blog or know anything about art.  Just join in.  You’ll be so glad you did.

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    MEGAN! I LOVE THESE!!!!!! I really am not crafty. People around me think I am because of the blog- but, truly, my daughter is so artistic that I had to learn how to help her create. I truly am learning from my daughter but I lack the knowledge and inspiration- I really rely on posts like this from bloggers like you to help me to help her. We are doing this. We are doing this TODAY.


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