Kids Art Activity: Freeze Dance Painting

Big art activities are always a hit with kids, it’s fun to create on a large scale.  This week we took it to a whole new level with freeze dance painting!

Freeze Dance Painting! A fun gross motor activity for exploring music.

If you haven’t played before freeze dance before it’s a fun stop and go dance game. When the music plays you dance and when the music stops you freeze in place.

Big Art Activity for Kids-Freeze Dance Painting!

For freeze dance painting I poured paint into a frisbee for my little one to step in.  Once her feet were covered in paint she jumped on the paper and danced to the music.

Freeze Dance Painting!  This is such a fun way to get moving while exploring art and music!

She had fun dancing and freezing while she painted with her feet!  I played music with different tempos and we looked at the different prints she made dancing to each.

The big kids couldn’t wait to join in and paint too–we now have lots of big art we can wrap our Christmas gifts in this year!

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