Math Fact Practice: Flashcard Passport Game

My first grader has to learn all sorts of math facts this year and so far this fall has been working on addition.  The kids study their flashcards throughout the month and their parents are supposed to quiz them periodically and sign whether or not they can answer them quickly and accurately on their homework sheet.

Holding up flashcards got boring very quickly so last month we played a fire hose game to “put out” the correct answers.  It was a hit so I decided to keep the fun going.  I taped math facts all around the house and as she (and my husband and I) walked by them she said and checked the answer.

After a couple days of practice she seemed to have them down so I came up with a game to test her knowledge.

I made a quick “passport” for her featuring all of the rooms that had math facts.  When she could quickly answer all of the facts in the room correctly she earned a stamp (or sticker) on her passport for that room.

The math fact passport game was lots of fun and she got the answers correct.  She has already requested a “fancier” passport for subtraction facts and my four year old wants his own passport and some easy math facts in his room too.

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