Rainbow Car Paintings

Rainbow Car PaintingWhat do you do with two kids who love cars and rainbows?  Car painting, of course!

Learn about colors by painting rainbows with cars!Our supplies:

    1. Paint in individual containers (in our case old container lids)
    2. Small cars that can be cleaned with soap and water
    3. Paper in trays (cookie sheets)
    4. A dish of water for the car wash
    5. Paper towels

Fun Kids Activity: Rainbow Car PaintingThen they drove their cars through the paint and then on their papers.  In between colors the cars went through the “car wash” to rinse off.  The cars don’t need to be completely clean to go in the next color as long as most of the globs are off.

Painting Fun for Kids: Rainbow Car PaintingsIt was so interesting to see how they made the rainbows with the cars since I didn’t provide any instructions.  When we did the shaving cream painting with fingers and brushes my 2 year old did not make a rainbow shape at all and I had expected her to follow a similiar process today.  With the cars she drove it in an arc each time — very interesting!  The sensory experience this time was the tool instead of the paint.

Rainbow Car Paintings: A FUN kids activity!!!

Rainbow Car Paintings!  A fun way to paint and learn with cars!They were so proud of their finished products!  We left them in the sun to dry and then they used the rest of the paint to drive/paint on other paper I had taped to the patio.

Toy Car Wash Kids Activity! Then they wash their cars!  And lots of their other outside toys in the water table.

We always have lots of fun painting with cars.  What toys do you like to paint with?

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    How fun. I absolutely love finding new ways to paint. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you are having a wonderful week! And I hope you will share with us again this week!

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    Love this and featured it over on my blog today! Seriously such a perfect item to use for stamping rainbows!!! I need to go get some watermelon.


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