Sight Word Stomp Practice Activity

Practicing sight words doesn’t have to be boring–you make it fun by turning it into a game!  One of our favorite ways to move and learn with sight words is to play Sight Word Stomp!

FUN Sight Word Practice Game for Kids!

Sight Word Stomp Game:

  • sight word cards
  • a kid

Yep.  That’s it!  It is a very low prep activity that makes it perfect for all of us with kids.  I spread the sight word cards around the floor and called out a word.  My kindergartner had to find it and stomp on it, which was lots of fun!
Sight Word Practice Game for Kids

Sight Word Stomp! can easily be adapted to whatever your child is studying.  You can make cards with letters, math problems, history facts, vocabulary terms, etc.  You can even play with multiple types of cards if you are playing at home with multi-age kids.

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