Squishy Snow Sensory Activity for Preschool Kids

We love fun activities for preschool kids and toddlers at our house so it makes sense that this squishy snow sensory activity is a big hit during the winter!

Squishy snow, also called clean mud, is easy to make, fun to play with, and NOT a mess to clean up.  All you need is a bar of Ivory soap, a roll of toilet paper, and 1-1.5 cups of hot water.

Ingredients for Squishy SnowI set out a large plastic bin and let the kids rip up the roll of toilet paper into it.  Even making it is fun!

Squishy Snow Ingredients Bar of Ivory Soap

While they were tearing and shredding I grated the bar of soap and heated 1.5 cups of water in the microwave.

Squishy Snow Sensory Material for KidsI mixed the soap with 1 cup of water (to start) and poured it into the bin with the toilet paper.  They used their hands (it was cooler by then) to mix it all together. Normally at this point I would add more of the water until it becomes a smooth, slick consistency, but they wanted to leave it a little drier today so we left it alone.

Clean Mud Snowball ActivityThey spent lots of time playing, squeezing, and experimenting with the squishy snow.  And then had fun making a bunch of snowballs.

Squishy Snow Sensory Material for PreschoolWhich quickly turned into snowmen!

Have you made squishy snow or clean mud before?  Did your preschool kids enjoy it?

It was interesting to see that my 3 year old who does not always enjoy sticky, gooey activities liked it better with less water.  Experiment with the recipe to see what is most fun for your family!

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing this! :) I’ve made this with my preschool students in the past, and it’s funny to see which children don’t care for tearing up the toilet paper and which kids really get into it! :)

  2. says

    So innovative and cool — especially for little ones who find out door snow fun but too cool and wet. Great idea and would be a great activity for parents and kids together.

  3. Naomi says

    Did this today with the couple of kids who were left after most went home early due to snow. We made it a multi-texture activity by first playing with the dry shredded paper, then adding the soap and water mixture and letting the kids do the mixing. For added fun, we added real snow from outside instead of adding more water – it made it cold, and the texture changed as the snow melted.


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