Printable Road Trip Busy Bag Activities


Make traveling with kids easy and awesome with this printable set of road trip busy bags and reusable activities!

This 24 page printable pack is all you need to make over 10 different road trip games for your kids. Laminate all the pages to only have to print one set or print as you need–whichever works best for you!

Road Trip Printables Included:

  • 4 vacation themed play dough mats—the beach, the zoo, flying in an airplane and a big city
  • 2 versions of the license plate game—one a map to color in the states as you find them and one with a list to cross them off
  • I Spy discovery bottle printables—print and cut out the road trip themed items and add them to a discovery bottle for kids to shake and find
  • 3 vacation scavenger hunt printables—pictures of items to find and mark off on your trip
  • 2 tally mark sheets—one with different types of vehicles and one with common road trip items you would see out your window.
  • 3 pages of printable roadways and accessories—perfect to use with toy cars on a tray during the trip or in the hotel room when you stop
  • 6 different travel bingo cards and a set of bingo choices—the whole family can play together



Use these printable road trip busy bag activities to keep kids happy and engaged on your next car trip. Kids will love playing and learning with the reusable games and activities you can make with this printable pack.

Vacation Themed Play Dough Mats

  • Laminate the mats with a laminator or contact paper to make more durable
  • Put into a resealable plastic bag with small containers of play dough
  • Let kids create scenes with the play dough
  • Use a small cookie sheet from the Dollar Store as a tray in the car

License Play Game

  • Two version to suit different reading and writing levels
  • Laminate and use with dry erase markers to make it reusable or print sheets as you go
  • Pair with a clipboard in the car for easy recording

I Spy Discovery Bottle

  • Print and cut out the vacation themed images for the bottle
  • Laminate them if desired
  • Place into a plastic bottle with a filler of your choice like perler beads or rice
  • Shake and find the objects inside

Vacation Scavenger Hunt

  • Three version to choose from
  • Print and laminate to reuse on different trips or different days
  • Go on a scavenger hunt on your trip and mark off the ones you see

Tally Mark Sheets

  • Choose the vehicle or items out the window version
  • Make a tally mark every time you see one of the items as you drive
  • Use a clip board to make tallying easier
  • Laminate to use more than once with a dry erase marker
  • Graph the results when you get there for even more learning

Printable Roadways

  • Print, cut out and laminate to create roads you can take with you everywhere
  • Stick in a bag with toy cars to play with anywhere you go
  • Print at 50% for smaller roads you can laminate and stick on a small cookie tray to play with in the car

Travel Bingo

  • 6 different bingo cards with matching item cards to flip over
  • Print each time and use with markers, stickers or crayons or laminate for reuse
  • Make it more fun by using snacks or small erasers as the bingo markers