Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Printable Pack



Doing Random Acts of Christmas Kindness with your family or class couldn’t be easier!

The RACK (random acts of Christmas kindness) printable pack has everything you need to countdown to Christmas with kindness this year.

It features 4 types of calendars including an editable RACK calendar. You get to make up whichever acts of kindness you want to do on which day. And get all of the printables you need to make doing RACKs with kids as easy as possible.

What’s included:

  • An EDITABLE kindness calendar. Put in whatever acts of kindness you want to do on whatever day you want!
  • 2 pre-filled kindness calendars–one with 24 days and one with 31 days of kindness.
  • A cut and paste kindness calendar. Cut out and glue on each act of kindness (almost 50 choices included) as you do them–in any order you want.
  • A countdown with kindness printable for kids to use to count their acts of kindness (new!)
  • EDITABLE Random Acts of Christmas Kindness (RACK) cards you can personalize with your own message (new!)
  • Printable, coordinating pre-filled RACK cards to leave around town as you do acts of kindness.
  • Printable, coordinating hug coupons to give out as a RACK. You can have kids color them or print on colored paper, whichever is simplest for you.
  • Printable, coordinating happy notes.
  • Kindness completion certificates for your kids or class.
  • FAQs and tips to make doing RACKs even easier.


Doing daily acts of kindness is the best way to count down to Christmas!

The Random Acts of Christmas Kindness printable pack has everything you need to start doing kindness with kids right now. The printable set includes 4 types of kindness calendars for December. Two pre-filled calendars you can follow along with and two versions you can customize yourself.

The editable RACK calendar allows you to choose which act of kindness you are going to do on which day. Use it to personalize your kindness plan based on what best fits into your schedule. You can also use it to include random acts of Christmas kindness specific to your school or town. It’s a great way to make doing RACKs even more meaningful!

The cut and paste version of the calendar is another way to customize your plan or record your kind acts. It includes a blank calendar and a sheet of 49 acts of kindness to choose from. Kids can cut and paste the acts of kindness onto the calendar as their plan for the month or to record which act they did that day. It’s a great way to incorporate some fine motor practice into your good deeds.

To help kids see all the kindness they are spreading the RACK pack includes a cute Kindness Countdown printable! Kids can use crayons, stickers or dot markers to fill in a circle on the Santa hat for each act of kindness they do.

In addition to the calendar options there are other printables to help make your acts of kindness more fun and memorable. The Random Acts of Christmas Kindness (RACK) cards coordinate with the calendars and are great to hand out when you go candy cane bombing or leave a popcorn surprise on a video rental machine. New for 2017 editable RACK cards are included in this printable pack. Personalize the message you want to leave for others!

But wait, there’s even more! You’ll get hug coupons that can be colored in by the kids or printed on colored paper to be filled out and given away. The included happy note printable is a cheaper and easier alternative to using post it notes to share positive messages around town. And the completion certificates are a wonderful way to celebrate all the kindness done at the end of the month.

Need help getting started doing Random Acts of Christmas Kindness? Check out this post!

With the EDITABLE products in this instant download, simply click on the text (click to type here), add your own text, and print! To save this file with your edited text, you will need to rename it because it’s a secure document.


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