Sandwich Fractions Activity

Sandwich Fractions! A fun and yummy way to teach kids about fractions!

Fractions can be a tough concept for kids to grasp, especially if they are only taught for a few weeks each year. Sandwich fractions make the concept of fractions more concrete (and a lot more fun) for kids. The best part is that they give kids a chance to be exposed to different fractions again […]

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

DIY foaming hand soap

We love finding ways to make our own products with our essential oils.  Recently I was in need of a new hand soap for the kitchen and thought why not make our own since I had everything on hand.  Less chemicals and cheaper too.  I also love that the kids could help me make the […]

Hands On STEM Activity: Marshmallow Engineering

Hands On STEM Activity for Kids! Marshmallow engineering is so much fun!

Engineering with marshmallows is a hands on STEM activity kids adore! Not only is it fun to build with treats, it’s also an open ended activity that lets kids explore and create. What could be more fun? We’ve partnered with Sylvan Learning to help parents and kids develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills […]

Math Patterns in Nature

Teach Kids Math Patterns Using Nature!

There are so many math patterns in nature–which makes it the perfect place for kids to practice! Going outdoors is a great way to play with math and this nature pattern activity requires no prep on your part so it can be done anytime. It’s what I like to call a win win! Observing and identifying patterns is […]

{Healthy!} Banana Split Bread

Healthy Banana Split Bread 4

Your family can enjoy a nutritious, sweet treat for breakfast or snack…and it tastes like dessert! Packed with fruit and whole grains, this Healthy Banana Split Bread is an easy, make-ahead recipe that freezes well and appeals to both kids and adults! Hi, friends! I’m so glad to be visiting again from The Seasoned Mom […]

Luau Craft: Hula Monkey Puppet

Hula Monkey Puppet Craft for Kids! Perfect for Luau Themed Parties and Play Dates!

At the end of every school year the classes at our preschool celebrate with a luau party! The kids make leis and grass skirts and have a lot of fun. There aren’t a ton of luau crafts out there so I though I’d share this cute Hula Monkey Puppet that my friend came up with […]

Grape Shapes Activity

Make grape shapes to explore the properties of shape and geometry!

Looking for a fun shapes activity that is full of STEM learning? Then you will love making grape shapes with your kids! Have kids put their engineering caps on and design and create their own shapes. It’s a great way for them to learn to not only recognize shapes but to also start to understand […]