Homemade Cinnamon Coffee Scrub

Homemade Cinnamon Coffee Scrub with Essential Oils....SO GOOD!

Coffee. It helps you wake up in the morning, gives you a spark of energy. Did you know that your skin absorbs caffeine in addition to your stomach? You don’t have to ingest coffee to get it’s benefits. This Cinnamon Coffee Scrub is invigorating, smells delicious and is a great “perk-me-up”. This recipe is so […]

Dissolving Candy Cane Science Experiment

Dissolving Candy Cane Science Experiment for Kids!

We love to do science experiments at home! It not just lots of fun it also keeps the kids thinking like scientists and developing their problem solving skills. My kids love to experiment with candy and decided to do a candy cane experiment to see which liquid would dissolve them the fastest. And the results […]

Jingle Bell Word Family Sort

Jingle Bell Word Family Sort

This festive and fun jingle bell word family sort is sure to be a hit with your children this Christmas season. It’s a great activity for beginning readers, or use it with more advanced readers to practice new¬†words. Jingle Bell Word Family Sort We have been working on word families lately. We started with -at […]

Homemade Sport Bag Spray

Homemade Sports Bag Spray with No Harsh Chemicals! Use essential oils to keep your gym bag fresh!

Stinky sports bags. Between sweaty shoes, dirty shin guards and sweaty T shirts it seems like gym bags don’t stand a chance. We’ve been wiping ours out after each use, but the stinky smell never quite seemed to go away…until now. I used some of our essential oils to create my own homemade sports bag […]

How to Create a Christmas Budget

How to Create a Christmas Budget That Works for YOU! Free spreadsheets you can download in the post!

The holidays. There are so many expectations. For some it is the best of times, but for others it can feel like the worst of times. Having a Christmas budget can make things a lot less stressful and it’s not too late! Even if you haven’t been saving for Christmas all year there are things […]

Preschool Letter Hunt in Pretend Snow

Preschool Letter Hunt! Dig for letters indoors in Insta-Snow!

Make alphabet practice fun with a letter hunt in the snow! We don’t get real snow at our house so we played with letters in Insta-Snow. This is a fun one to set up indoors no matter where you live and what time of year it is–the sensory experience of the Insta-Snow gets kids excited […]

Candy Cane Rice Sensory Bin

Candy Cane Rice! A simple sensory material for kids that smells AMAZING!

Candy cane rice is so much fun to play with! The holiday¬†colors and peppermint scent make it the perfect sensory material for this time of year. This play recipe is so simple you can make it in no time! How to Make Candy Cane Rice plain white rice (uncooked) red liquid watercolors (affiliate link) peppermint […]