Teach Kids Measurement

Fun Way to Teach Kids Measurement

Measurement shouldn’t just be something kids do with a ruler and a worksheet. Long before kids can calculate length in inches and centimeters they can start to learn about estimating and measurement with non-standard measurement. What is non-standard measurement? It’s the process of using something other than a ruler for measurement. It helps kids grasp [...]

Classic Science Experiments for Kids

Classic Must Do Science Experiments for Kids!

My kids and I love doing science experiments at home. It’s the simple, classic experiments that end up having the coolest reactions and are the most fun. Here are some of our favorite “must-do” classic science experiments for kids! Science Experiments for Kids Create a geyser with the classic Mentos™ and Diet Coke experiment. Make [...]

Magnet Sensory Bin

Magnetic Sensory Bin Science Activity for Kids!

 We recently obtained a magnet set.  The box came with lots of fun magnets for us to play and learn with.  The little discs and wands have been the kids favorite.  I set out to use them both in a fun, hands-on magnet sensory bin for the kids. This is also a great way to [...]

20+ Pumpkin Activities for Kids

Pumpkin Activities for Kids!!!

Pumpkin activities are so much fun in the fall–for kids and grown-ups! Here are some great pumpkin activities for kids that you can use for Halloween, for Thanksgiving, or just because they are tons of fun! Pumpkin Activities for Kids: Pumpkin Pie Play Dough Glow in the Dark Painted Pumpkins from Inspiration Laboratories Fingerprint Pumpkins from [...]

Ghost Bird Feeder Halloween Craft

Ghost Bird Feeder Craft for Kids! Perfect for Halloween!

Feeding the birds is one of our favorite acts of kindness! We got creative and made a ghost bird feeder to hang outside with our other Halloween decorations. This Halloween craft is made from things you probably have in your kitchen right now! How to Make a Bird Feeder clean milk carton white paint black [...]

Vowel Sounds Practice Game

Practice tricky vowel sounds with this fun cup guessing game!

Vowel sounds are hard to practice, especially the A, E, and I. To make the phonics practice fun we created a fun vowel sounds practice game with cups! Phonics Practice Game 3 plastic cups permanent marker pom pom or gem or something similar The vowel sounds can be harder to remember and reproduce correctly than the [...]

Sight Word Pumpkin Patch

Sight Word Pumpkin Patch Practice

We are all about pumpkins this time of year!  Recently, we made these pumpkin print craft with a secret item and thumbprints.  (Seriously very fun!)  We just had to use the cute pumpkins in an activity.     My Big Sister (age 7) is a first grader this year, and the sight word practice continues.  We’ve been [...]