20 Sight Word Games to Play Indoors

Ready to have some fun learning sight words?  We love sight word activities that let us move and learn and I’ve found 20 different sight word games that you and your kids can play inside. They are the perfect way to practice when the weather is bad outside.

20 Indoor Sight Word Games and Activities! Perfect for a rainy day!

Sight Word Practice Activities:

1.  Light Saber Sight Word Practice

2.  Cup Crash Sight Word Game

3.  Spider Web Sight Word Match

4.  Bean Bag Toss Sight Word Game

5.  Blowing Down Sight Words

6.  Sight Word Spider Web

7.  Sight Word Target Practice

8.  Learn to Read with Thomas Train Games

9.  Flash Card Musical Chairs

10. Sight Word Ping Pong Balls

11. Sight Word Twister

12. Catch the Sight Word

13. Sight Word Island Jumping

14. Fried Egg Sight Word Game

15. Sight Words Tower Challenge

16. Hippity Hop Sight Word Game

17. Sight Word Drag Racing

18. Sight Word Scramble

19. Sight Word Smash

20. Sight Word Pounding Game

Whew!  I don’t know about you , but this list of sight word games will keep me busy for awhile!

The other Move and Learn co-hosts were busy putting together indoor Move and Learn Activities for kids too, make sure to check them out!  Then on the next day you just want to stay in and play you’ll have tons of ways to move and learn with your kiddos!

Other Ways to Move & Learn this week:


  1. Rachel says

    I have found quite a few activities I think I am going to try with my boys. Thank-you for the round up. I am definitely pinning this!


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