Create a Food Themed ABC Book

We were so excited to see that this month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids author was Lois Ehlert!  We have long-loved her vibrant illustrations and her focus on food and animals and were happy to discover books of hers we had never read before. However, it was an old favorite that we spent the most time reading.  Eating the Alphabet definitely resonated with the kids.  

So we decided to create our own version of the ABC story.  The kids searched through old food and recipe magazines and cut out food for each letter of the alphabet.  My two year old was extremely excited to practice using scissors and they all did a great job working together.  It was so much fun watching them call out the different food they had found for each letter–it truly was a group project.

Eventually we’ll laminate in the pages and bind it into a book for our home library, but first we have to finish it.  There are still some letters we don’t have food for.  Although we did steal Lois Ehlert’s idea for X, xigua, the Chinese word for watermelon!

For more food fun with Eating the Alphabet check out The Good Long Road‘s Meatless Monday: Eating the Alphabet from A to Z!

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      We’ve never done a themed one either! Which is funny now that I think of it! Today they were using it to create recipes in the play kitchen. Thanks for stopping by!!!


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