Eggbert the Easter Egg Puppet and Song!

“Eggbert the Easter Egg” is one of our favorite Easter songs.  A couple years ago my oldest and I made these cute sock puppets to use while we sing.

All you need to make one yourself is a yellow sock, a square of white felt, a scrap of orange felt or any other fabric, fabric glue and two googly eyes.

Eggbert the Easter Egg Chick and Egg Puppet for Preschool!

Chick and Egg Sock Puppet:

  • yellow sock
  • white felt
  • orange felt (or color white felt orange)
  • googly eyes
  • fabric glue

Easter Egg Puppet for Preschool Kids

To Make an Eggbert the Easter Egg Puppet:

  1. Cut an egg shape from the white felt.  Then use the fabric scissors to cut it in half.
  2. Put the sock on your hand and fold it over. Determine where to put the fabric glue so that the egg is closed when your hand is closed.  Stick the egg pieces on and allow to dry.
  3. Cut a small triangle beak out of the orange fabric.
  4. Glue the eyes and beak on the sock to make Eggbert.
  5. Get ready to sing!

Kids love how the egg opens to reveal the baby chick! These sock puppets are perfect to use to act out the song Eggbert the Easter Egg while you sing. Kids will each want their own to play with!

Egg and Chick Puppet Preschool Craft and Song

Eggbert the Easter Egg Song

Don’t know the song Eggbert the Easter Egg? No worries! I found a video you can watch to learn the lyrics as sung by Rosemary Clooney!



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