Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  A big shout out to all the teachers out there!  Such a fun week for everyone to celebrate–the kids are always just excited to give their teachers gifts as the teachers are to get them.  At my daughter’s school the PTA picked a theme for each day of the week.  Monday’s theme was sweet notes.  They gave each student in the school a sweet treat shaped die cuts to each student to write a note to their teacher and other school staff members.  The notes were then compiled into books for each person.  Such a wonderful idea!  We also sent in crowns for her teacher and the Kindergarten aide to wear to kick off the week!

Tuesday’s theme was school supplies!  We asked the teacher for her wish list and decorated a basket for all the kids to put their gifts in.

To go along with the school supply theme we made these super cute Post-it holders from Paper Wings!  Check out the simple instructions on her blog for the how to.

On Wednesday each homeroom mom got to pick the theme and we chose candy!  We made this fun candy gram for her and decorated a candy jar.  Each student then brought in a candy bar or small bag of candy to add to the jar–she was loves sweets and this was right up her alley!  She was so excited about the candy gram that she hung it on her door for everyone to see!

We made a special candy filled cold cup for the Kindergarten aide using these awesome printables from Nothing But Country.  Visit her super crafty blog for the FREE printable!!!

Thursday’s theme is thank you notes!  The kids made “I heart school” bookmarks with their teacher’s photos and wrote about their teachers on the back.  I love hearing their thoughts about people!

Friday’s theme for Kindergarten was gift cards…you can’t go wrong with gift cards!  We got the aide Starbucks gift cards and placed them in this cute card from eighteen 25!  The printable is not only adorable, it’s free too!

The students in the class sent in gift cards for the teacher and we used floral card holders to stick them in this cute pot!  The kids all signed their names to the pot and I wrote “We bloomed in Kindergarten!” on the side with the year. (Can you guess what her favorite color is???)

Such a fun week!  What did you do to celebrate?


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    Those are awesome gifts! We’ve really enjoyed teacher appreciation week! our daughter loved getting the hugs each day from her teachers who loved getting their gifts! We did origami flower shadowboxes (small size) for each teacher the first day, then chocolates the second, Tide Stain Sticks with a little origami note the third and the last day (for us, our week is only 4 days since our road trip starts Friday), were some cookie sheet magnetic boards we made with cardstock &mod podge and button magnets. Our daughter drew little pics of each teacher to show whose board was whose… :) It was nice to remind the teachers how much we are grateful for them! :)

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    I saw the magnet boards on FB–totally stealing that idea for next year! And I love all your origami ideas. An origami playdate is perfect for my 6 year old and her friends, keep posting ideas!

    And you’re right, the best part about the week is how proud and excited the kids are to bring in their gifts. Definitely heart-warming!


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