Light Saber Sight Word Practice

There are just some things that need to be memorized and sight words are one of them.  Some kids can remember sight words easily while others need to practice them.  The best way to get kids to practice sight words is to have fun with them!

And what is more fun than knocking down plastic cups with lightsabers???

Practice Sight Words with Light Sabers!  A fun activity to get kids excited about reading.

The set-up was simple.  We took the cups from our Cup Crash! sight word game and set them up on the back of the couch. They were just plastic cups with sight words written on them in marker.

Kids Sight Word Practice Game

My kindergartner read the word and if he was right he got to knock the cup down with the lightsaber!

Practice Sight Words with Light Sabers!

As you can see this one was a hit!

Light Saber Sight Word Game for Kids

You could use lightsabers to practice letters, colors, shapes, numbers, math facts, and more!

We love to Move and Learn!  Each week we are joining with The Pleasantest Thing, Hands on : as we grow, and Toddler Approved to share fun and active educational ideas.

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