Number Line Run Math Game

We have been spending a lot of time outdoors lately trying to some energy out after the big kids are in school all day.  Outdoors is also a great place to do some homework practice.  While the big kids are practicing their math facts and spelling words my preschooler has been having fun with numbers!

Number Line Run!  Math counting and addition game for kids!

To set up the game I drew a line down the sidewalk with chalk and then marked off the numbers from 0 to 25.  At first my preschooler practiced walking the line and counting the numbers.

Practice number identification outside!

When she got bored with that I called out numbers and she ran to find them.  It’s a good way to practice those tricky teens!

Practice addition on an outdoor number line!

Kids that can easily identify numbers can start to work on addition by counting on from a number.  You can call out a number and then have them add another number to it by walking that many steps up the number line.  This is a fun one for kindergartners who are beginning to combine and subtract numbers.

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  1. stephanie says

    I love this idea! Thanks for sharing in the After School Linky. I am featuring you this week!! Stop by Boy Mama Teacher Mama and check it out!


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