Sight Word Basketball Activity

Spring is here and instead of sitting inside doing homework we are ready to get outdoors and move while we learn!  This week we practiced both sight words and dribbling with this simple sight word basketball activity!

Sight Word Basketball! Get outside and move and learn!

Sight Word Basketball Activity

  • flat surface (drive way, basketball court, parking lot)
  • sidewalk chalk
  • sight word list (or math facts or spelling words)

I wrote a bunch of sight words on our sidewalk and got out our basketball.  I actually meant to play on the driveway but it was super windy so we played under a cover so the ball wouldn’t blow away.  I think having more space to run around a little would have been fun, but it totally worked fine in our small one.

Sight Word Basketball Game!

I called a word and my kindergartner dribbled the basketball over to it.  Once he was at the word he tried some different dribbling techniques (like on one foot) and then I would call out a new word.

Make Sight Words FUN with Basketball!

At the end he dribbled all around on his own calling out the words as he passed them!

This was an easy and fun way to practice sight words, but super hard to take photos of! If you try it and get a better shot share in on my facebook page for everyone to see.

Don’t forget we have tons of active sight word ideas if you need them! 

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