ABC Ice Cream Gross Motor Game

My preschooler is in the process of learning her uppercase and lowercase letters.  To make practicing more fun we decided to play an ice cream themed game.

Ice Cream ABCs Gross Motor Game

All of my kids LOVE to play pretend and kitchen and restaurant play is a favorite so this ice cream game was a hit!

Move and Learn--Upper Case and Lower Case Letter Match Game!

To make the game I used 12 ball pit balls and 4 paper towel rolls.  I cut the rolls into thirds to make the cones and wrote lowercase letters on the front.  Then I used a Sharpie to write the corresponding uppercase letters on the balls.  

Gross Motor Alphabet Game for Preschool

I set the “scoops” and “cones” up on a table on one end of the room and the big kids and I sat at the other end.  My 3 year old was the ice cream cone maker.  She matched the uppercase and lowercase letters together and then delivered the cones to us.  The added balancing practice as she walked across the room made the game even more fun!

Ice Cream ABCs Game!  A fun and active way for preschool kids to practice uppercase and lowercase letters!

I chose the 12 letters that are in our family members’ names to play with first and they were such a hit she has already requested the second dozen!  This game could easily be adapted to practice numbers, words and math facts so I bet the big kids will end up with some ice cream cones to play with too!

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    What a cute idea! I just wanted to let you know that I am linking to this post at Simply Creative Kids on May 14th if you don’t mind.


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