Easy Thanksgiving Corn Craft for Preschool Kids

Thanksgiving is a great time to slow down and connect with your children.  We love to spend the month focusing on gratitude with our thankfulness tree and making memories together.

My kids love to do crafts especially holiday ones and this corn craft is a simple one I came up with last year to do at the preschool Thanksgiving feast.

Simple Corn Craft! Perfect for toddler and preschool kids!

The beauty of this craft is that as long as your kids are past the stage where they put everything in their mouth (I promise that stage ends at some point!) then you can adapt it to fit your kids’ ages.  We made it in a preschool class during a party so I pre-cut the green husk part of the corn craft for them since we were short on time and let them cut the corn and glue on the kernels.

How to Color Popcorn Kernels

How to Color Popcorn Kernels

  • paint (your favorite)
  • popcorn kernels
  • gallon ziploc bag

I divided the popcorn kernels into 6 groups and put each pile into a ziploc bag.  I added a big squirt of paint and sealed it tightly.  Then we shook and shook the bag until all of the kernels were covered in paint.  I used washable tempera paint because that is the kind they use at our preschool and the kernels still held their color a year later.

Colored Popcorn Kernels for Thanksgiving Kids Craft

I spread the colored kernels onto wax paper lined baking sheets and let them dry over night.  Then I took all of the supplies into school and the kids had fun cutting and gluing their own color corn crafts.

A super easy Thanksgiving craft that also doubles as fine motor practice is perfect for preschoolers!

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