Shaving Cream Snowball Big Art Activity

Big art is a great way for kids to use their gross motor skills to explore different properties in a fun way.  I also love doing them with my kids because even though they are different ages they all enjoy doing big art!

We don’t get any snow at our house so I thought it would be fun to do some sort of snowball art project.  I looked around to see what we had that was snowball-like and decided our wiffle balls would be perfect!

Big Art for Kids!  Painting with Pretend Snowballs!

Snowball Painting Supplies:

  • wiffle balls
  • shaving cream
  • paint
  • large paper
  • big container or tub

Use wiffle balls and shaving cream to snow paint!

I filled a bowl with shaving cream and added a bunch of paint to it.  I originally was going to use white like snow, but I had a request for red and it made it easier to see our snowball prints on the paper.

Big Art Snowball Painting!

Then the kids covered the balls with the “snow” and started throwing them in!

Shaving Cream Snow Ball Painting

We painted in the bathroom for easy clean up, but as we were rinsing everything off afterward in the tub it occurred to me that I should have just put the paper in the tub to begin with!

Big Art--Shaving Cream Snowball Painting!

As we painted we explored concepts like cause and effect and texture.  After each toss we examined what type of print that snowball made and why we thought it looked like it did.  It was a great way to extend the learning while having fun!

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