Sight Word Snowball Fight Activity for Kids!

Make sight word practice fun by turning it into an indoor snowball fight!  This has to be one of our most fun move and learn activities yet!

Sight Word Snowball Fight! A fun and active way to practice sight words indoors!

Sight Word Snowball Fight Instructions:

  1. Write the sight words you want to practice on different sheets of scrap paper.  Choose a mix of known and new words to keep it fun.
  2. Scrunch up the paper into “snowballs”.
  3. Divide the kids into two teams.  We played boy vs girls.
  4. Throw the paper snowballs at each other!  If you get hit you can open a snowball and read the word to stay in the game.
  5. Smile, laugh, and have fun!

FUN way to practice sight words!  Have a snowball fight!

They used the couch for cover so it was harder to actually hit each other with the snowball than I had thought.  To get in more word practice I randomly yelled out “Freeze!” and had them read one of the snowball words to get unfrozen and keep playing.

Sight Word Snowball Fight Practice Activity

My preschooler couldn’t read the sight words so we had her tell us the letter the word began or ended with instead.  You could play with letters, numbers, vocabulary words, or anything else your kids need to practice!

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