Sight Word Soccer!

We are soccer crazy at our house right now.  I thought I could use this enthusiasm to make practicing sight words more fun and it totally worked!

My kindergartner had so much fun playing this sight word game that he kept going back and playing it again all evening.  Definitely a rave review!

Sight Word Soccer!  A fun way to move and learn while you are practicing sight or spelling words!

Sight Word Soccer Supplies:

  • index cards with sight words on them
  • cones (or bucket or cups or sticks)
  • soccer ball
  • soccer goal or marked goal area

For this game I decided to chose more sight words that he didn’t know automatically than ones he did.  Usually I’ll do a good mix of familiar and unfamiliar to make sure it’s not too frustrating.

This time I chose to use more new ones since playing soccer itself would be very motivating.  In this case it worked and he can easily identify each of the words, but there was no way to know for sure.  Just like any other activity stop and regroup if it seems too hard or too easy for your child.

Use your soccer ball to practice spelling or sight words!

How to Play:

  1. I taped the word cards to the cones and set them up in a straight line in front of the cones.
  2. I told him to read each of the words to me as he dribbled around the cones.
  3. When he got to the end of the cones he got to take a shot.

Sight Word Soccer Game!  Practice reading sight words while you dribble, great for kindergarten and first grade kids.

Sight Word Games

Dribble and Score

This was the first game we played where he read the words as he dribbled through the cones.  He got to score a goal at the end.

Run and Find  

After playing for a little bit we spaced out the cones.  I called out a word and he dribbled over the it.

Sight Word Kicks

We set up all of the cones at the end of the yard.  I called out a word and he tried to hit the correct cone with the ball.  This one was tough, but lots of fun!

Sight Word Soccer Activity!  Get kids moving and learning their sight words or spelling words while they play a fun soccer game!

Sight Word Soccer was a huge hit with my little soccer lover!  If your child loves a different sport you can set up the same type of game and swap out the soccer ball for something else.  You can also playing with spelling words and have them spell the words as they dribble.  Moving and learning definitely helps get your brain working!

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