Sight Word Swim Game for Kids

Playing games is great for kids to learn sight words.  If you have a child that needs to learn them for school you already know that practicing can get old very quickly!  In order to make practicing more fun for my 5 year I decided to incorporate swimming, one of his favorite activities, into our game!

Sight Word Swim!  An active way to let kids have fun while practicing sight words.To prepare the game I wrote 12 of the kindergarten sight words that he didn’t automatically know on some of our ball pit balls. We have hundreds and hundreds of those balls (if you saw last week’s Move and Learn post you saw we used them for our ABC Ice Cream Game too!) but any type of ball that floats, like a ping pong ball, will work.

Sight Word Pool Game for Kids!We reviewed the words and then threw them into the pool for him to get.  He read them to us and then put them in the pile to throw again and again.

Fun way to practice sight words with kids!He had a lot of fun swimming for sight words and was able to point out some of the new words from the game when we were reading together later that day. Woo hoo!

  For more Move and Learn activities make sure to check back each week!  Hands on : as we grow and The Pleasantest Thing and I are having lots of fun with this active and educational series!  Head over to see what they are sharing this week.

from The Pleasantest Thing

Messy Mud Target Practice for Kids from hands on : as we grow


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      That describes all three of my kiddos too Jackie!!! When my oldest was in kindergarten I asked her teacher if you could play with the sight words and math facts instead of doing the assigned flashcards because I even I couldn’t sit still to do it!


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