Turkey Color Hunt and Math Pattern Activity

We went on a turkey feather color hunt to Move and Learn about colors and patterns!  This one was super easy to set up and the kids can keep playing with it all month long.

Turkey Feather Color Hunt and Math Pattern Activity for Kids!

Color Hunt Activity:

  • construction paper feathers in a variety of colors
  • kids who are ready to move

I cut a bunch of paper feathers out of construction paper and scattered them all over the yard.  Then the kids ran around and collected them (like a bunch of turkeys who were missing their feathers!)

Move and Learn Color Sort Kids Activity

Color Sort Activity:

Once all of the feathers can been hunted my preschooler looked through them and identified all of the colors we had found.  She then led her big brother and sister in sorting them into piles of each color.  This is great science and math practice.

Turkey Color Hunt and Math Pattern Activity!

Turkey Math Patterns:

  • paper plate
  • googly eyes
  • orange triangles
  • feathers from the color hunt

We made paper plate turkey faces using the googly eyes and paper triangles.  Then the kids used the feathers they collected to create and follow color patterns.  Depending on the age of your kids you can do ABAB, AABB, ABC, or any kind of pattern your kids want to create!

The other Move and Learn co-hosts were busy putting together Move and Learn Activities for kids this week too, make sure to check them out!

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