Teach Kids to Follow Directions with Relay Races!

Kids need to learn how to follow directions just like they learn to do anything else–by practicing!  A fun way to practice following directions is by turning it into a game or activity.  We decided to turn relay races into an indoor following directions activity!

Teach Kids to Follow Directions with a Relay Race Game!

Following Directions Activity

To set up the activity I gathered a bunch of random items from the house and divided the kids into two lines.  They had to walk across the room and back and do three tasks I gave them.  An example would be put on a hat, crawl across the room, and give me a high five.

I told them all three things they had to do at once and they had to pay close attention to be able to follow the directions and finish the race.  I modeled how to repeat the directions to myself and they practiced doing that while we played.  Another listening and following directions strategy is visualizing the directions before you begin.

How to Follow Directions Game

School Readiness

Kids need to be able to remember and follow oral directions in school.  Teachers expect that kids can handle remembering and executing multi-step directions and in the primary grades much of the testing is done orally.  This can be tough for kids who are not natural auditory learners.  Practicing in a fun way can make kids more confident and successful.

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