Gross Motor Phonics Game: Walk the Word

Kindergarten readiness skills include letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and phonics skills.  If your child can already recognize letters and can hear and say letter sounds then you may be wondering what types of phonics activities you should be doing with him.  The truth is that you don’t really need to do anything other than reading together every day, but if your child is ready to start reading playing phonics games can be both fun and motivating!

Walk the Word Phonics Game!  A gross motor game that teaches kids to segment and blend sounds.  Great activity for active kids who are learning to read!

Walk the Word Phonics Game

One of our favorite ways to play with phonics is the Walk the Word game!  Kids get to use their whole body to practice identifying and blending sounds together.  Adding the gross motor aspect to it helps kids to internalize the process of sounding out a word.

How to Play Walk the Word

This game is simple to set up and easy to play!  All you need is sidewalk chalk and a place to draw.  Write easily decodable (sound-out-able), very large words on the concrete.  Ask the child to start at the side you start reading at. Then have them step on each letter and say the sound.  Prompt them or give them the sounds if needed (this is a game not a test) and have fun walking and reading the words! 

Phonics Game!  Get kids moving and reading by playing Walk the Word, a fun way to teach kids to segment and blend sounds together!

This phonics game is fun and helps kids make the transition from saying the letters sounds to putting the letters together to form words.  Making learning fun is the best way to help your child get ready for kindergarten!

Get Ready for K Through Play Series!  A fun way to develop the kindergarten readiness skills your child needs to school.  Check out the weekly posts by a group of top kid bloggers!Thank you to My Cute Graphics for the use of this superhero kids graphic.

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