Fine Motor Busy Bags for Kids

I am a huge fan of busy bags. I love having engaging and educational activities ready to go when I need them!

They can easily go with you which makes them great for summer and travel.  They are also a fun way for kids to develop the fine motor skills they need for Kindergarten!

Fine Motor Busy Bags for Kids!

Fine Motor Busy Bags

ABC Match Fine Motor Busy Bag. Use clothespins and a paper plate to create a sunshine busy bag that develop fine motor and ABC skills.

Crazy Straw Fine Motor Busy Bag from Powerful Mothering. Such a smart use of felt and a crazy straw!

Rainbow Weaving Busy Bag. This one is one of my 4 year old’s favorites. Use your fine motor skills to weave a rainbow.

Fine Motor Color Game from The Pleasantest Thing.  Colored clothespins and pom poms make a fun activity for kids.

Fine Motor Weaving Busy Bag. Use random ribbon scraps and an item from the dollar store to create a weaving busy bag that can go anywhere.

Preschool Bead Math Busy Bag from Kids Activities BlogAdd beads to pipe cleaners for fine motor and counting practice.

Fine Motor Skills Bottle from FSPDT. Use a recycled bottle and pipe cleaners to create a cheery busy bag activity.

Button and Cork Builders from No Time for Flashcards. Building with velcro corks and buttons in a box top is a great activity for kids.

Pom Pom Rainbow Busy Bag from The Pleasantest Thing. Pom poms become a rainbow in this fine motor busy bag with a free printable.

DIY Lacing Cards from Sugar Aunts. Use take out containers to make these DIY lacing cards for kids.

Pumpkin Number Matching Busy Bag. Kids can count and match numbered clothespins to paper plate pumpkins in this cute busy bag game.

Practice Fine Motor Skills with Preschool and Kindergarten Busy Bags!

 Don’t make all of these yourself–get your friends together for a Busy Bag Swap! It’s a great way to spend time with friends and get activities for your kids.


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