Move and Learn Activities for Kids

My kids learn best when they are active.  Getting up and moving motivates kids to practice new skills and helps them to better retain the information. Plus, it’s also lots of fun!  Hands on : as we grow and The Pleasantest Thing and I are teaming up to bring Move and Learn! activities each week as part of a new series. 

To kick things off we are sharing move and learn activities from all over the web for each age group and I am focusing on active ideas for kindergarten and primary school kids.

Big kids are asked to sit in school all day long and need activities to move and learn just as much as toddlers and preschoolers.  They are also expected to memorize things such as sight words and math facts and need fun ways to practice to stay engaged.

25+ Move and Learn Activities for Primary Kids!

Here are 25 ways for big kids to move and learn about reading and math!

Reading and Sight Word Activities


Question Ball Move and Learn Activity

1.  Walk the Word Phonics Game from Coffee Cups and Crayons

2.  Bean Bag Toss as a Sight Word Game from hands on: as we grow

3.  Reading Game with Legos from The Pleasantest Thing

4.  Hop on Pop Hopscotch Word Game from Coffee Cups and Crayons

5.  Sight Word Dive from I Can Teach My Child

6.  Sight Word Ping Pong Balls from Melissa Culver’s School Daze

Word Family Game

7.  Word Family Rainfall from The Pleasantest Thing

8.  Find and Rhyme Gross Motor Rhyming Game from No Time for Flashcards

9.  Water Balloon Phonics from Mess for Less

10.  Sight Word Smash from I Can Teach My Child

11.  Sight Words Parking Lot from And Next Comes L

12.  Yard Clean Up Sight Word Game from No Time for Flashcards

13.  Sidewalk Chalk Spelling Hop from Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational

14.  Word Family Slam from Toddler Approved

15.  Practice Questioning with a Question Ball from Coffee Cups and Crayons

Math Practice Activities


Gross Motor Math Fact Practice Game

1.  Fire Hose Math Fact Practice Game from Coffee Cups and Crayons

2.  Lego Math from The Pleasantest Thing

3.  6 Math Activities for Kids Using Math Using School Unit Blocks from hands on : as we grow

4.  Frog Jump Measurement and Gross Motor Activity from Coffee Cups and Crayons

5.  Add it Up! Gross Motor Addition Game from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

6.  Math Fact Flashcard Passport Game from Coffee Cups and Crayons

7.  Fraction Hopscotch from Capturing Classroom Ideas

Water Balloon Math Game

8.  Water Balloon Math Activity from No Time for Flashcards

9.  Stomp It!  Place Value Game from Creekside Learning

10.  Driveway Shuffleboard Math from Teach Mama

11.  Learning about Time with Outdoor Races from Preschool Powol Packets

12.  Sidewalk Sudoku from The Usual Mayhem

Now make sure to check out this week’s other Move and Learn activities!  Then join the three of us next week for even more move and learn ideas!

Move and Learn Preschool Activities from hands on: as we grow

Move and Learn Toddler Activities from The Pleasantest Thing



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